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Fresh Mitts

After Sport Hand Deodorizer

Makes Hands Smell Fresh and Clean – Apply after wearing any type of sporting gloves; Kills Bacteria that cause odor; Moisturizes skin; Fresh Scent; Fast Dry – Grease Free; 75 Uses per Jar

Fresh Mitts was created for the junior player heading out with the squad after a playoff win, the mom picking up her stinky kid from practice, the college athlete hitting the home-opener after party, and the beer-league grinder going to ‘meet the parents’ after a Sunday matinee. No matter which of these people you are, you know the struggle is real.

The smell left behind by your gloves is NASTY and RELENTLESS.

Fresh Mitts was developed over a year of testing and R&D in partnership with a Canadian laboratory to do more than simply mask the odor with a stronger scent. Rub a small scoop into your hands to kill the odor-causing bacteria, ELIMINATE the smell left behind by your gloves, and keep it from coming back.